Intro:  Jasper Organic Bakery (JOB) has been in operation for about nine years.  We specialize in organic bread and we use organic produce from our own garden.  In our bread, we use organic yeast that comes from rice - so our bread has a rice flavor.  Organic bread is sometimes referred to as 'SLOW BREAD' in Japan because it takes much longer to make.  Regular bread (bread made with regular dry yeast) only requires around 4 hours to make.  In contrast, our organic bread requires 10 hours to make.  We make more than 70 different types of bread in our bakery:  many types of vegetable buns; many types of salted bread sticks; many types of French-style bread; butter rolls; lemon buns; baked donuts; bages; cookies; etc.  Our bread tastes best if it is warmed in a toaster oven (under 2 minutes) prior to eating.

Bread Stand Location:  Suzuta Famers' Market, 452-8 Nakasato, Omura, Nagasaki, 856-0842 (Farmers' Market Location on the Google Map below)

Contact:  0957-54-0773 (Telephone) - You can also use the email address listed on the owl banner image above to contact us.

Photo #1:  Bakery Interior

Photo #2:  Bread Stand (Suzuta Farmer's Market)

Photo #3:  Some of our Organic Produce (Organic Bread made with Organic Produce)

Photo #4:  A Selection of our Organic Bread

①Bread Loaf (1@580 yen), ②Potato Bread (5@380 yen), ③Cinnamon Roll (2@280 yen), ④Butter Roll (5@380 yen), ⑤Oatmeal Cookie (5@480 yen), ⑥Blueberry Muffin (1@150 yen), ⑦Moroheya Bun (5@380 yen), ⑧Anko Bread (2@280 yen), ⑨Country Bread (1@380 yen), ⑩Salted Bread Stick (Moroheya 5@380 yen), ⑪Rye Bread (1@380 yen), ⑫Chocolate Chip Scone (2@240 yen), ⑬Salted Bread Stick (Soya Bean 5@380 yen)

(all fees include required taxes)